Although the saying “accidents are about people” is quite well known, many people think that we will definitely not be hurting anything. And this is one of the many reasons why we do not buy non-compulsory insurance to protect our lives or health, as well as our property. Therefore, many people feel sorry for the event that it was a shame to spend a small amount of money compared to the costs of possible damage. One of such additional insurance is the payday loan  policy , about which we will say a little more.


What is the payday loan  policy?

What is the payday loan  policy?


payday loan  policy (AC) is a voluntary motor insurance policy, which covers our car along with the equipment against theft, damage or destruction. The scope of insurance depends on the terms of our policy and is always included in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. Of course, we can choose the variant that interests us – it will depend on our contribution which we will pay to the Insurance Company. However, the most common AC policy is damage caused as a result


  • An accident or collision with another vehicle, other persons, animals or objects that are outside the vehicle,
  • Damage to the vehicle as a result of actions of third parties or animals,
  • Fire or explosion,
  • Theft of a vehicle or attempted theft
  • Atmospheric phenomena such as downpours, floods, hail, hurricanes, lightning, avalanches, ground subsidence, etc.


Each car owner can also extend the scope of the AC policy.



We are talking about:


  • Help when replacing a wheel,
  • Organization and covering the costs associated with the transport of a vehicle that has suffered an accident or breakdown,
  • Organization and covering the costs related to renting a replacement vehicle,
  • Organize and cover the cost of renting the hotel at a time when the vehicle is broken or damaged.

We can choose many other options that are constantly coming in, as insurance companies are constantly introducing options for their clients. However, we must be aware that the more options we choose, the more we will have to pay the premium.


Is it worth buying an payday loan  insurance ? If only we can afford it. And it’s not just about new cars. The costs related to the repairs of slightly older vehicles often exceed the cost of AC insurance, so we can return it very quickly.

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