Credit without Employment Contract: Fast and Emergency Loan

The fast online loans have been granted small sums, which need to be repaid shortly. Urgent and rapid k REDIT to 5,000 lev without a contract and without proof of income is not a widespread practice, especially when not secured a permanent and permanent employment or another source of income to ensure correct payment of the loan. Lack of a labor contract is a challenge for the lender.

We will give you suggestions for loans up to BGN 5,000 without an employment contract.

We will give you suggestions for loans up to BGN 5,000 without an employment contract.

Credit Express

  • No contract of employment is required.
  • An amount of 100 to 5,000 BGN , payback period up to 1 year.
  • Applying – electronically by email or in a company office after consulting with a financial advisor.
  • Fast and urgent response – up to 2 hours, the contract is signed in an office or with a sales representative.
  • Required documents – valid ID card.
  • No guarantors required, no mortgage.
  • You receive the money at the office of the company, by bank transfer or at EasyPay.
  • A document is issued for each payment.
  • Methods of repayment of the loan – weekly, fifteen days or monthly.
  • Various options for repayment – by bank transfer, at EasyPay, at the office of the company, financial advisor.

And loan

  • No employment contract is required – credit only against identity card .
  • You yourself choose an amount and a repayment term of the loan ranging from BGN 100 to BGN 5,000 and a term of 1 to 24 months.
  • Requirements for applying – Bulgarian citizens who have reached 18 years of age with permanent address and income.
  • Easy procedure and quick release, fill out an online application and get an opinion within the working day.
  • Fixed interest for the entire loan period.
  • Credit money is received in cash at the office of the company.
  • There are no fees for applying for and allocating the money, there are hidden fees and additional costs.
  • Personal service from a personal credit consultant.
  • Fast online loans in monthly installments , gathered in the comfort of your home.

Purson flannery

  • Fast and emergency credit up to BGN 5,000 without a labor contract.
  • Rates ranging from 100 to 5,000 BGN, repayment term: 12, 17, 25 and 32 weeks – you can choose, depending on your financial possibilities, small amounts, equal installments.
  • Fast money up to 3 hours after approval .
  • Conditions for granting of credit – Bulgarians aged 18 or 18 or permanent residents of the country living in the territory of a city where the company has territorial offices.
  • Headquarters – in the town of Pernik, offices in Vratsa, Gabrovo and Tryavna.
  • Required documents for application – ID card.
  • Credit is drawn once.
  • The interest rate depends on the amount granted and the period for repayment.
  • No fees, no commissions, no extra costs.


  • If you apply at an office of the company, only an ID card and wire solutions are required (if you have one) and the loan that can be granted is between BGN 100 and BGN 5,000 under different individual redemption schemes.
  • Fast loans , money you get by bank transfer.
  • Transparent credits without additional charges and hidden clauses.
  • You can refinance your credit if you are loyal customers and you still have several contributions. You can refinance even if you have borrowed a loan from another company.

United Bulgarian Bank

  • No requirement for an employment contract.
  • Amount up to BGN 5,000, repayment term up to 6 years.
  • Additional requirement – customer age 20 to 70 years.
  • Required documents – identity card, application – declaration for granting of credit and document certifying obligations in other banks.
  • You decide how to repay – through equal monthly payments or equal payments on principal and declining interest.
  • There is no application fee.
  • There is a credit assessment fee and service charge on the credit account.

When you withdraw not only a loan of up to $ 5,000 without a contract, but of any other kind of fast credit, be careful. Read all the clauses in the contract and the fine print. Inform yourself what interest you have to pay, what is the final amount you will pay off, what are the fees, etc. However, this is your money. Do not sign the contract without clearing all the clauses and points on it!

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