Credit from the Bank: Low Interest Rate Guarantor

We all know that a fast online credit of up to $ 1000 per bank is much lower than a fast money loan. On this page you will see several offers for fast loans from banks up to 1000 leva only with an ID card, no guarantor , no collateral and no documents for income from an employer. for further explanation

In our busy everyday life, especially during holidays and family events, we often need a small amount of money for urgent and urgent needs, for which we can apply in the easiest way, simple, without much documentation. We need that money immediately, and that’s why we need to get it on the very same day that we’ve applied for credit. We need little support, we will use the money for a short time and we will return them quickly.

We will introduce you to bank offers for lending up to 1000 leva.

We will introduce you to bank offers for lending up to 1000 leva.

1. United Bulgarian Bank – Small Credit

  • Credit immediately at the amount of 500 to 1000 leva under good interest conditions, repayment term – 6, 9 or 12 months.
  • Attractive application procedure.
  • No guarantor and no fee for document viewing.
  • Fast approval and absorption of funds – within one business day.
  • Fast online credit up to $ 1,000 from a bank with even lower interest rates for wage transfers at the bank.
  • The loan may also benefit pensioners who receive their pension at the bank at preferential terms – a variable interest rate based on a 6-month SOFIBOR and a flat-rate surcharge.
  • There is a credit assessment fee and a monthly fee on an account servicing the loan.
  • The repayment is in equal monthly installments.
  • You can also return the credit via an ATM.
  • Possibility to activate an insurance program – “Credit protection”.

2. DSK – Quick Loan

  • Currency – BGN, from 500 to 2000 for new customers and up to 7000 BGN for existing clients, repayment term from 6 months to 5 years.
  • Apply only with an ID: ID card, with an easy procedure.
  • Fast money to pay without documents from the employer.
  • Do not need paper documents.
  • The money is on your account within 1 hour.
  • Fast online credit up to $ 1000 from a non-guarantor bank, with a fixed interest rate, depends on the individual customer profile.
  • Fees and commissions – according to the Bank’s Tariff.

3. Piraeus Bank – Fast Consumer Loan

  • Purpose: for all consumer purposes, unexpected costs and refinancing of liabilities.
  • Currency – BGN, from 600 to 5 000.
  • Apply only with ID card under clear conditions.
  • Response to the Bank’s opinion is up to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan period.
  • There is no charge for opening and maintenance of the servicing loan account.
  • There is a fee for examination of documents, credit assessment fee – due upon approval and depending on the amount requested, there is also a fee for early repayment.
  • Term for repayment of the loan: from 12 to 36 months, in equal monthly installments.

4. Central Cooperative Bank – WEB Credit

  • You get easy and without formalities fast money up to 3,000 leva.
  • Fast online credit up to BGN 1000 from a bank without a guarantor.
  • Mini credits without income documents.
  • You get approval within 2 hours, the money is the same working day with you.
  • Conditions of release: Have a monthly income of no less than the amount of the loan installment plus BGN 160 and have an electronic signature – you can get it from any office of the bank. Using the electronic signature, you apply for and sign the credit agreement.
  • The interest rate is a floating / reference plus bank surcharge.
  • There is a fee for reviewing the credit application.
  • Term for repayment of the loan – up to 2 years. Your prepayment installment is calculated using a credit calculator.
  • With this credit, you use a variety of bank products and services.

5. First Investment Bank – Easy Credit

  • You get additional funds with quick approval.
  • You are not bound by a repayment plan.
  • Conditions of release: You are clients of the bank and receive your monthly income through a debit card issued, work on an indefinite employment contract (or assimilated, you may have income from a pension), for at least 6 months, not in probation. The minimum amount of your monthly earnings is not less than $ 240.
  • The loan is in overdraft mode – you are repaying cash receipts and you can still have the money within the agreed loan term.
  • Loan amount: up to 10 times monthly earnings on the account.
  • Required documents – request and declaration of affiliation according to the sample of the bank, a copy of an identity document, a copy of a labor contract and others at discretion.
  • The disbursed amount is paid in installments, the amount of which you determine yourself.
  • The money you spend when you need, you pay interest only on the amount used.
  • Loan installments free of charge for preliminary examination of the credit application, there are no fees and commissions for allocation and management.
  • Fast online credit up to BGN 1000 from a bank without a guarantor with a loan term is 1 year, with the possibility of automatic renewal.

Financial companies that grant fast credit have their advantages, but you’ve decided to withdraw credit from a bank, mostly because of lower interest rates and greater security. Loans without interest from a bank are difficult to find, but there are many lucrative offers with low interest and no guarantor.

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